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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

Forum Announcement: The Story Book.
So what is the book of Myths and Legends?

The book is a collection of stories that we have made, our events we have shared and learned about together.
If your running a personal story, a small story arch, or just want to make up a small tale, create a book here and begin to write.

Personal stories, files we know about or even don't know about, if your planning something or just want to show off your cool event so far, then this is the place you need to go to.

[Image: PersonalreQuest2.png]Main Story Book: the story in which the FC is running, these will be updated and kept in a sort of order that will be easy to follow. [Image: PersonalreQuest.png]Personal Story Book: Your personal story, you document your own event here, keeping everything we have learned or yet to learn together in one place, show off your achievements, unleash your inner rage.

Create your Book here, then follow the Template Code below, the first page should be your Introduction, with an image and Chapters "So far", you can always update this at any time.

[align=center][size=xx-large][color=#3399ff]"Of Myths and Legends"[/color][/size]

[color=#3399ff][size=x-large][i]Under Construction[/i][/size][/color][/align]
Chapter 1: Chapter Name
Chapter 2: Chapter Name
Chapter 3: Chapter Name[/size][/color][/align]

The pages following will be your Chapters

[align=center][color=#3399ff][size=xx-large]Chapter X: Chapter Name[/size][/color][/align]