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Full Version: Adverts and Timezones.
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Hello members of Haven, take a seat by the hearth and listen

No doubt you have noticed we now feature adverts, this is to help ease the burden of paying for hosting and keeping everything running smoothly. I've made no effort to conceal the fact we need Donations to run this website, in Last month's Informational Post about Donations, Now to ease the burden slightly you'll see Adverts cropping up In the Header and Footer, and on certain pages like the Homepage and Portal, an advert will also be placed there, So i would be grateful if you could White list Hearthhaven.co.uk on your adblocker. Or, if you would rather see no adds. at all, Consider Donating, For that month you'll receive the Donation status.

Donation Status means you won't see the Adverts and you will receive a cute little chocobo companion [Image: Donate_1.png] that will accompany you for the rest of your days, They come in various colours like this one [Image: Donate_4.png] and mean different lengths of donation, if you want to see them all follow this link or click Awards when you are logged in.

Time Zones
So a lot of us are experiencing different time zones at the moment and its bound to get confusing and weird that GMT is now BST or GMT+1 and EST is now EDT, we all get overwhelmed but fear naught. Zorai Got'cha, Here is a handy list of all the time zones we have for Haven.
  • GMT is now BST or GMT+1
  • EST is now EDT
  • PST is now PDT
  • AEDT is now AEST
  • GET is still GET.
So that is a big list, and most of them can be found here with reference (it costs to add more than 4).

Time Zones Cont
If this all seems confusing, which it is. we could always attempt to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is a constant, never changing time zone used as a  common time standard across the world, Just a thought?