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Full Version: Ranking, Quest Info and April fools
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Updates have been made to the Ranking system.
You can now nominate which character will receive your participation in Quests via the "Participation by Proxy" system, this allows for a person of multiple Alts to still participate or a person who has reached maximum rank and still allow participation of their character.

Notice on Quests
Please note, Rankups require a place where We the council can track your participation, if you are planning an event, please make sure to use the forum making your event official and mark the participation of fellow members.

Additionally: Please fill out a Hunt Report, a bullet point list of what happened, this is useful for other members and the council, if for example Zorai gets hurt during a battle those who have seen the report can act accordingly in the future.

April Fools
Missed the April fools day gag, Hildibrand took over with his face, and
played on every page.
[Image: AprilFools2016.png]