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Full Version: Changes of April: 2016
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Some more updates have come our way, ones that i have been working on for quite some time.

Change Log:

Errors in the code: were fixed, we can now post more that 5 links in one post.
This was quite a tricky error for me, its been hanging around ever since this place opned up, so i'm glad that it finally got sorted.

Rules: have featured an update about garden plots and their usage.

Those who Donate: will now receive cute little Chocobo's on their profile, feature a unique coloured name and no longer see Adverts for the duration of their donation
[Image: Donate_1.png][Image: Donate_2.png][Image: Donate_3.png][Image: Donate_4.png][Image: Donate_5_1.png][Image: Donate_6.png][Image: Donate_7.png][Image: Donate_8.png][Image: Donate_9.png]
Minion of Games: awards have been given out to indaviduals who took part in the Festival of Free Companies.
Special thanks too those who helped out.

Wiki Changes:

Edit: was removed from view by those who are not signed in, An individual can no longer edit a page without being logged in, this is to save all your hard work from mystery editing.

Account Issues: There has been some confusion, though, you already have an account on this, you will have to create another account for the wiki, they are not connected.

Headertabs: extension is now supported. this means you can create a tabbed template for your page simply include in your page and everythnig between one =equals sign= will become a tab heading, Sound confusing?
Check out the template Here Or see the template in action with Camille Everardi

Spoiler Tags: are now possible on the Wiki, simply encase what you wish to spoil in
<spoiler>Content here</spoiler>
this will allow you to spoiler tag

Collapsible Content: is also possible via the use of the below code, Featured on this page.
<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="100%">
This text is not collapsible; but the next is collapsible and hidden by default:
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">Test words!</div>

Quote Tags: are now possible on the wiki, simply use
{{Quote|change these words.|[[who dun it]]}}
And it shall display a Quote, much like on this page.

More modules can be added to the Wiki on request