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Full Version: First of May~
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Its time for the News: First of all i would like to wish you all a most happy and shiny Beltane to chase away winter and welcome spring (or other holiday you practice at this time of year).

What is up-coming this month

An investigation event will lead to a rather strange ending, its up to you how we get there, your interactions and choices will choose how things go (think of it as a turn page adventure book) what you do means you'll find more, and perhaps.. even get to stop something before it happens, your interaction decides!
The Thread will be updated for everything a person asks, so we can all learn at the same time, here are the highlights
  • Zorai has gone missing, her room is locked.
  • There have been strange puddles around the house
  • Crystals are missing from the FC's Storage.
New-Player meeting "Festival of the Doodle"
"Festival of the Doodle" where new members will get a chance to meet up with each other and chat In-character, Dates in-coming

There will be new Quests popping up, Repeatable quests which you and friends can take at any point and a light-hearted Beach "Filler episode" event, please look forward to it.

As always their will be improvements made to the fourm and wiki, if their is anything you would request, let me know.

Wiki News:
Their has been a boom of profiles showing up on the wiki, i'm so very pleased to see this appearing!

The Featured Hero of the Month will now be Gyre Fyrinbrand, I hope you all enjoy getting to know him as we have getting to know Sokhatai Borlaaq

Player News
Ranking up: The following members have achieved the status of Wayfarer:
  • Enkhjargal Dalamiq
  • Mikai
Your ceremony will soon follow.

The following members have achieved the status and privileges of Caste Initiate:
  • Cybrielle Durnba
  • Zazanther
  • Jiao Stormchaser
  • Jun
Be sure to get in-touch with your chosen Caste Leader for a Personal reQuest.

U'Baxi Tia has recently name-changed their Charater to U'kivi Tia (pronounced: Oo-key-vey) and would wish that U'kivi has always been their name, please do your best to respect these wishes.
[14:51][FC] we were hoping people wouldnt mind jsut pretending his name was always kivi