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Okay!! Thought this would make more sense here.

I am returned from my long-ass holiday! And, with my return comes a bunch of stuff!
Yes, delicious stuff.
Before I left, I said there was a few things I wanted to start running as normal little weekly things (possibly bi-weekly, time allowing). So without further adue;

The first of these is the IC Lore Nights!
These are inspired from another FC that I admire, and while not mandatory, I hope they will endeavour to be interesting and educational! These will be IC nights (or days) where a set topic will be determined and there will be a lecture held on that topic. What I hope to achieve with this is a steady ground of knowledge for us all! As well as the usual fun and RP nonsense that comes with it ;3
Though perhaps mostly for the newer players, hopefully everyone can find something they didn't know before and all are welcome to add, as per usual. 
I'll post up the first when I know my schedule for work. Please look forward to it!

The second is a training and skills night!
This too shall be IC, and perhaps may over-run with the usual IC days for convenience sake. The aim with these is for those of us IC that wish to learn something new to be able to do so. As such, I ask that anyone wishing to teach something to please contact me. Though I have an abundance of alts, sadly they cannot cover every base x)
And besides, yelling at you like a general for a few hours every week would be come so very monotonous, no?
The first of these will go up when I know the schedule as well~

I will do my best to randomise the times for these and find days that work the best, though unfortunately as my work shifts aren't static, some weeks may differ. That being said, if someone else wishes to host either and teach or lecture, you are always more than welcome to. Just let me know first so I know not to plan for that week <3

Rhuya and myself are now running two story arcs!! One involving the Moui tribe, and another long-standing one that has been running with Jun which will be intermittently on-going when we can both arrange time for them!
I will be writing up a summary for Jun's as a lot has happened and quite a lot of folk are involved. The last event for this arc was the wonderfully dramatic 'Jun's Shadow', hosted by Camille~
(Though previous knowledge is certainly not mandatory to participating.)

Also! The Haven Lodge is being added to this thread here:
This means sometimes we may get a few random people stopping in to say hello! So do be polite and if you're not IC, do let them know  ^^

And, finally~
A good friend of mine, Enla Kertuh, is setting up a bazaar that she intends to have going as a constant feature.
You can find the details here;
The bazaar is intended to foster mainly mercantile RP, but is open to much more and at the moment, she is looking for staff and helpers! So if anyone is interested in helping to start something, do give her a tell, she'd appreciate it greatly <3

And that's all folks! My wall is done and now you know the stuff.
Thank you for reading and may your day be wonderful~
Izzy, out!