Hearth Haven

Full Version: For Zanther
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Dearest Zazanther,
           After having some time to think, I believe that the best place to attempt our little seance- if you can call it such- would more than likely be out by Rathefrost. If you could meet me out there with whatever you need, I would be much obliged. Let's see what we can possibly find out, I've some long outstanding questions that you may just be able to help with.

Upon arrival at Rathefrost, Zanther and N'shiki set about trying to summon the spirits of some of N'shiki's long dead friends. With the aim to find out information on the whereabouts of someone of great importance to N'shiki.
With the use of old magics, Zazanther managed to conjure up three spirits from the battle of Carteneau. After short questioning and a moment of reminiscence, the spell ended and the spirits dissipated.
With a partial lead and the seance concluded, Zanther returned home and N'shiki to Haven to begin digging...

-=With this quest complete, Zazanther Rerenther is now eligible to pick a Caste! Congratulations Zanth!=-
Artisan Caste is the one Zan would fit best.