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Full Version: Cross-FC Relations: St Reinette's University
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Hello everyone!

I hope this day finds you well. This morning I come to you with a short little snippet of information.
Having been wandering about the world and chatting to other players, I came across a newly established FC that are a working university.
N'shiki has subsequently been hired by them as additional security.
They're a very polite little bunch and very welcoming, so much so infact, that they told me to tell you that they're doors are open to anyone here! That's right, any lessons they hold we are free to come along to! Their FC Manse (Plot 33, W2 subdev) comes complete with a working lecture hall, student ballroom and cosy little library!
Please check them out here, and be on your best behaviour! I don't want anyone kicked out of school ;D

At some point, the Headmistress would like to come along to Haven to give a small chat to us about the school and ICly welcome anyone wishing to come and learn, so I'll get back to everyone when I have a date on that too~
If anyone is around this evening at around 9pm GMT (4pm EST, 1pm EDT) St Reinette's will be running a Physical Education class at Moraby Drydocks.

Have a lovely day~