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Full Version: Changes of June: 2016
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Changes of June: 2016

With Mayday's panic over, the website has returned to a sense of normality, Security is increased and the spam accounts have stopped.

"Festival of the Doodle"
Mentioned first on the First of May news letter that something called Festival of the Doodle is in the works, To explain it better, The Doodle-fest will be a Small once a fortnight event where we will do something around the house as a free company, a chance to chat, a chance to meet other doodles and interact IC.

But Zorai, you ask, We already have IC Nights, what makes this any different?
And i answer to you, Well do IC Nights have a cute flashy Logo~? NO, they do not~
IC Nights are a night of anything, where you can RP to your heart's content and hopefully find people around the house.
The Doodle Fest is specifically for socialising, getting to know each other IC and in general, having fun in addition to welcoming new members into the fold.

Some Festival of the Doodle will open with player Rank-ups (Meaning we have a set Ceremony Date instead of random days)

The Reputable quests mentioned in the previous newsletter are all live, Now you'll find the quests there have an Active and inactive state, Quests that are on the board itself are active, if they are hidden in the sub-category, they are not. these are to be done at your leisure and can be a fun-side quest to the main story arch.

I'm happy to announce the Player lead investigation event has come to an end with everyone finding as much or as little as they could, HOWEVER, its my pleasure to tell you that the Obscure Secretions Quest line went down the "Bad Ending" rout.
That's right this story had many possible endings depending on your interaction and what you find. in addition  Part 2 of Obscure Secretion's quest chain was in fact Failed, meaning the slimes themselves grew STRONGER gaining a foothold in the house, living not only around us but under the floorboards, the stench since then has been powerful.

So while all endings were to contain Zorai's return your investigation keyed how she returned.
Good Ending = Zorai unharmed, returned safely while having defeated the Slimal.
Neutural Ending = Zorai returns, Slimal source never found.
Bad Ending = Zorai Harmed, Returns beaten, bruised. the Slimal retreated to return another day.

I will draft a small story based on our events, consider it a kind of "Diary entry" sum-up.

Overall this was my first player-led event, and i think it was quite Fun, Let me know how you feel and i may have another Mystery or two in the works for you all.

The Great Saucer Exchange
While the house is under repairs from the Slime invasion we will be moving to the Gold Saucer, While the house will still be open, Events will be centred around the Golden Saucer.
"But my house is in Haven Lodge"
Don't you worry, this is an all expenses paid trip, you have your own personal room while at the Golden Saucer and most events will take place inside the Saucer (using Saucer games and Gates)
  • Chocobo Races
  • Minion Battles
  • Gates in general
  • Cafe and Saucer Dining.
For those who take part in these saucer themed Quests, will find themselves with a Special, yet to be disclosed, award badge for your profile.

[Image: thumb320x240]
The Haven Newscast Episode 0 to this date (of this News letter) has 333 Views, thank you so very much everyone who gave it a listen, give Cybrielle/T'rau your host a warm welcome, its not easy making a Newscast so i for one. give a very warm and fuzzy Thank you to Cybrielle for concocting the idea.
I'm sure with your support (Yes you, reading this just now), the Haven Cast will only grow!

Expect more episodes to be coming out, soon!

Change Log
  • We can now Paste information in the Message box once more, This happened due to a Script conflict, All issues have been fixed.
  • Webcast now has Comments section enabled, feel free to comment on an episode, submit query or questions.
  • Special Webcast Voodoo has been implemented to allow hosting of audio and video files.
  • A message will be displayed on the HuntBoard if you are a Guest, informing you about the application process.

Wiki News:
On the Wiki this past little while we have had some new and exciting updates, Zorai has been researching and developing new ways for us to use the Wiki.
  • Account Creation ban has been lifted.
  • New Templates added
  • Navigation bar updated to better reflect Free Company Information.

Featured Hero of the Month: Cybrielle Durnba
Last month we learned all about Gyre Fyrinbrand, Now its time to learn all about Cybrielle and how she "grew up very sheltered, kept inside by two rather overbearing parents, now finally allowed out into the world she's experiencing most things for the first time in her life, she reads books and thinks up the most fantastic things, she learned to fight with a sword despite the protest of her parents, now she has applied herself and become a Ninja yet has aspirations of the magical nature."
Find out more about Featured Hero of the Month, Here

Pokémon Related colours
Don't want to go around finding 000000 or FFFFFF for your colours, do you know your Pokémon types better than your Hexcode? then do i have a system for you.
Every Pokémon Type can now be called into existence For example if i want a purple, i can use background:#{{Poison color}}; in a template and it will give me the shade of a poison type Pokémon, in addition every type has its light and dark equivalent, So Poison color light will bring us a lighter poison colour.

New Round-ish Table
Have you seen the new announcement part of the wiki, used to bring you news snippets?, well its using a new "roundy" type template
[Image: roundy.png]
{| align="center" style="background: #FAFFF4; border: 2px solid #{{ground color}}; width: {{{width|auto}}}%; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; {{roundy|30px}}"
| style="background:#{{ground color light}}; padding: 10px; {{roundy|50px}};" width="60px" align="center" | [[File:YourImage.png|50px|link=]]
Place your information you want to display inside here

Player status-tabs
Like the look of the new addition to our Heroes section? and want to make one of your own? 
[Image: heroes.png]
Well the template is simple enough, by using
{| style="margin:auto;"
! colspan="5" style="color: white; background: #cc99ff; border-radius: 2ex; -moz-border-radius: 2ex; -webkit-border-radius: 2ex;" |Table Name
|{{Character|status=Alive|yourimage.png|Person Name}}
|{{Character|status=Alive|yourimage.png|Person Name}}
and placing |{{Character|status=Alive|yourimage.png|Person Name}} below each other you can create a Horizontal list of your family members or.. whatever it is you wish to do with it, with an Alive/Deceased/Unknown legend