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Full Version: Quotes of the company [Outdated]
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Quote your character!

So I've been playing around with some Scripts and i thought it might be fun to have the Black Diablos Hunting Board up there spit out some quotes from the free company, anything you want your character to say up there Post it here on this thread and you might find it on the lineup of Quotes really soon!

So what counts as a quote Zorai?
Anything your character might say or do on a regular basis, or even something they have only ever said once!

Ack I'm struggling what to come up with Zorai, Help me!!!
Simple ^^, How about i've come up to you and poked your nose, what would be the first thing out of your mouth?!

what if the first thing out of my mouth is to bite your finger!
-there is now a Zorai shaped cloud where she once stood-

Submit them here