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Full Version: Teamspeak icon packs
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Teamspeak Theme and Icon Pack
Downloads on the post below

Over the past little while I've been learning how to make Icon packs and Skins for Teamspeak, what better than one for my fellow Diablos, click below to see what it all looks like, or above to download it, I'll update this thread with any and all changes.

So What does it look like Zorai

Great Question!: 

What about the XIV Icon pack?!

Like this:
Great, How do i Install it?!
Here's how: 
i hope you like it!
~Zorai Naccal~
Diablos Teamspeak Version 1.2.8 Download

XIV ARR Icon Pack Version 1.4.2

Change Log
  • Reserved for any Future changes
  • XIV Icon Pack Added
the XIV Icon pack contains Two player_on.png's one is yellow which is the standard in-game online symbol, however for encreased visability included is a Green version labledplayer_on_(Enhanced_Vis).png rename it to player_on.png if you find the yellow too hard to see. this information is contained in the Readme file