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Full Version: Black Diablos Birthday Party [Poll]
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The Free company's birthday is coming up, for those of you that don't know the Black Diablos will be the grand old age of 2 on the 27th of the 8th. founded on 27.08.2013 the Diablos have yet to set in stone a tradition, so we are wondering if you would like an OOC or IC party/celebration once we have the details we can start planning something good for everyone to enjoy!

For those of you who have just joined us and have yet to undergoe an initiation\Interview, should this event be voted IC, we will do our best to initiate you before the 27th

OOC Party
an event where people will be invited to Teamspeak, hang out at the house and enjoy some banter with members.

IC Party
still to be discussed based on outcome of the poll, will however include some games such as hide and seek, storytelling and other classics!