Hearth Haven

Full Version: Diablos Birthday
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Happy Birthday Diablos

Today the Gathering Hall has various streamers, party loopies balloons floating gently in the wind outside, a large banner that probably spells happy birthday in some lanuage but its defiantly not Eorzian, the balloons and streamers continue inside lighting up the rooms with ribbon and bows and things you normally wouldn't expect to be in the hall, even ribons are wound up the staircase on the baniester in sucha  lovely way, someones clearly been hard at work.

there are boxes too all around, each has a label, but its not a name, its an image in which contains a part that Zorai thinks is part of you, an image to represent yourself in some way. you would know its you... perhaps instantly, perhaps after staring at it for 20 minuets inside each one is a party hat, unique and special, with a coloured firework~

Walking around, the happiest little creature on Eaorzia is the Hall;s Poogie (Tiny Tapier) with bows and streams on it.. clearly.. it had been rolling in some.