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Full Version: FAQ: A information note on Quests and other guild things.
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Welcome to the Quest and other things FAQ

It's been brought to my attention that some people find the quest system quite difficult to understand, it looks like theirs a lot but trust me when i say their really truly isn't. so I'll attempt an information post and condense it all for you, this whole system was made for you, asked by you and in the past months.. has been used by nobody but myself.

Everything has been broken up in a post-by-post basis, so to not overwhelm you.

The Great Diablos FAQ Library:
I. Zorai, what is the quest board?
II. Okay, So what are Quests?
III. I've picked up my quest Zorai, what now?
IV: I've been on a quest, it says here i have to tell you about it?
V: Why is that needed?
VI: So i get to control my own rank
VII: Zorai, you mention here, in the supply chest about Items
VIII. I think I understand Items, but why would i want to use them?
IX: Zorai, I want to make my own Quests
X: Great, but the Template looks complicated, Zorai help
XI: Yeah, i understand items and Quests!. So how many Quests do i need to do to rank up?
XII: I'm ready to rank up, I've done all my quests for this rank, how do i do that?
XIII: Thank you Zorai, I have a better picture of the whole system now, it wasn't as complex as i thought
XIV: One more thing, I need to ask you more Questions Zorai, could you help me?
Zorai, what is the quest board?
The Quest board, was created to allow Diablos members to create and go out on Quests together
Okay, So what are Quests?
RP events that are player managed and wouldn't relay on an officer always being online to host an event.
Small quest items would be posted by either the Council or by people who have contacted the Diablos, even members requisitioning things these were not meant to be taken alone as some believe. Take a quest, Gather a group together and go out and RP, they are created to give people loose plotlines to base RP around.
  • Is T'rau asking for some of the city states finest beer?, well gather up friends, and go on a pub crawl, get drunk, admit your love to a flower and just have fun but don' forget to bring T'rau his beer okay!
  • Is their some Ziz causing havoc to some townsfolk, Take a group, go and thwart those Ziz, you never know what might happen when you arrive!
I've picked up my quest Zorai, what now?
That's amazing, So what you would do is arrange a time and day for you and your friends to go out on the quest, Ask on Skype, ask on the forum, ask in-game and get something together, just like you would organise an event, that's exactly how you organise a quest. Gather some friends together
  • Arrange a time
  • go on the quest and see what happens
I've been on a quest, it says here I have to tell you about it?
Amazing, how was it, what did you do.... oh... uhm, I was getting ahead of myself there. Correct, its not compulsory but imagine you had gone on a quest, your filling out a small summary of what happened, Did Zorai break her arm, did Azzie get stung by some bees, imagine them as little briefings, that not only are a small record of what happened, but a small slice of proof that you've done the quest!
  • Zorai was overwhelmed by the ZiZ, they pecked her arm.
  • the ZiZ leader got away, While it left it knocked down a bees nest, which stung Azzie.
  • Zorai was taken to the med bay where they bandaged her arm.
  • Azzie was patched up and is now in bed saying the world is coming to an end.
These can be points of interest, if a person sees that Zorai was pecked to death by a Ziz they can have some ammo when talking to her about a recent quest, Anybody can 'request' to see these, as they are 'public domain' but imagine you handed them to the Questrix and are on their way to the Council's office.
Why is that needed?
Well you see, we here at the Diablo's allow YOU, that's right YOU to be in-control of your own rank, you rank up, gain trust in the Free Company, by attending RP events you rank up, and to prove you've done this and to make it fun for us, Make notes of the RP, include posed screenshots of the event. it's both proof for us, and for you, the more quests you do, the higher in rank you get.
So i get to control my own rank
You got it, you control your own rank through RP, the more you do the higher you get.
Any other guild your in won't operate a system like this, in fact to my knowledge we are the only one to operate a player driven ranking system, so all the power is in your hands, you can choose what rank you are by how active you are.
Zorai, you mention here, in the supply chest about Items
Those items are far from mandatory and simply meant to increase your enjoyment, allowing extra tools in your arsenal of Hunting, they fit into the quick and easy battle system come with pre-arranged stats and have been carefully crafted to work with lore. they feature Tranquilizers, Traps, bombs Potions both for health, including Hot and Cold resistances.
I think i understand Items, but why would i want to use them?
Once more you don't NEED to use them but their handy to have and they enhance your experience, Lets give an example.

The quest you have picked up takes you to a snowy land, Its cold up there so you might want to consider taking some Hot Drinks with you, this will allow you to keep nice and warm, perhaps ignoring the need for a fire, a good warm drink designed to keep you going.

Now you've met your mark, its a Zippy creature that keeps moving around, Well its a good thing you had a Trap, let's set that down on the ground, it stops them from moving and lets you get some free hits in!

So you've resisted the hard weather thanks to your Hot Drink, trapped the monster thanks to your Supply Trap and its staggering around, low on heath.. .Well the Quest says to bring it back alive, so what are we going to do, if we kill it, the quest will be failed. What's this, a Tranquilizer Bomb, well let's throw that and knock the thing unconscious.

Quest complete, Wonderfluff, now fill out that report and hand it into the Questrix, Now you're ready to rank up!
Zorai, I want to make my own Quests
GREAT. that's what this system is here for, anything you have in mind, even if its from a Random NPC you simply made up can be a quest. do you want others to find out about your... terrible secret, well post details up of a quest.
  • Zorai has been seen doing some rather questionable behaviour, she was last spotted at No Hope Cave in Thanalan
Fellow Guild members, shocked by this will pick up your quest and follow your story to see.. just what has Zorai been doing in that cave.
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