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[Announcement] [Important]
Guild members, Friends, we of the council have an announcement to bring to you ^^, good things have been happening right underneath your noses! There have been plans in motion for quite some time, now they have been thought through its time to bring them to you!
FC Name:
The Free company name has long been a subject of friendly debate, does it fit, does it suit us ect... Well in short no, not anymore, we feel to inject life into the FC we should change the name ^^ Amongst many a name, we have settled upon one we feel fits us and our new direction perfectly.
"Hearth Haven"
It conveys the heart of what we will become!
Subsequently the Linkpearl will become Hearth Haven and Haven Aethercomms respectively
As to what it is we will actually become, more on that later :3
Structure: Caste System (Sounds scary?! Don't be!)
We are splitting up different sections of the Free Company ^^ There will now be 'Castes', Essentially, there will be different 'Castes' depending on what you wish to do within the FC itself. Whether that is Research, Adventuring and Hunting or so forth. This won't mean that you can't take part in events relating to those other Castes, think of it more like a specialisation badge!
Also, a special (non RP) event is happening! We have come to an agreement with the Stormguard RP folks and they will be merging with us, bolstering membership and activity! Most, if not all of them are already in the LS. So you can look forward to more events on various time zones.
We will all be getting to know some new names in the days to come, some we have RPed with before, others we will get to know in time!
As we have all talked about or heard there will also be a recruitment drive in effect once all these changes have taken place, I invite everybody to be involved in this if you so wish.
I hope to see many new faces and friends in the coming months.

Please look forward to it~
If there are any problems or you need to ask any questions, please feel free to voice your opinions here, or talk to myself, T'rau / Cybrielle or Izrikairin/Jun

Changes list tl;dr:
  • FC Name Change
  • Cast system.
  •  Linkpearl(s) changing names to suit.
  •  Merging The Stormguard into us.
  •  Recruitment