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Full Version: The Banner
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Welcome, So if you've been here before you may have known about the Scrolling Banner
It was a project that involved all the members appearing on the banner in a random order, it was quite a fun project for the company but unfortunately it is resource heavy, subjecting the forum to heavy stress. but no matter, I've found a solution that's just as good!

So I bring you the new banners.
The theory behind them, they will be updated to reflect in-game holidays and FC Story events, Progressing the story means progressing the banners, so we create a kind of living story  that we can all see on the front page.
Change Log:
The Banners will be placed here.

Samhain Theme Logo
[Image: BlDia_Hogmany.png]

Shardcaller Logo
[Image: Haven_Q_Shardcaller.png]

Little Ladys Day Logo
[Image: Haven_E_Ladys.png]
Savage Night Logo
[Image: Haven_Q_SavageNight.png]

Hatching Tide
[Image: Haven_E_Hatch.png]

Caste Showcase: Explorer
[Image: Haven_Explorer.png]
Caste Showcase: Pathfinder
[Image: Haven_Pathfinder.png]
Caste Showcase: Adventurer
[Image: Haven_Adventurer.png]