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  Digging out the enemy.
Posted by: The Questrix - 02-06-2016, 12:53 PM - Forum: Repeatable Quests - No Replies

A member of Katrina's team will be located in the 'boss room', your /random roll will determine if they are alive or dead, follow the below Key to see if the Archeologist is dead or alive, Act accordingly.


Choose one or more members to be the DM for the encounters, these indaviduals will decide how the Archaeologist will survive, or die based on the designated roller.

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  Slime Patrol
Posted by: The Questrix - 02-06-2016, 12:39 PM - Forum: Repeatable Quests - No Replies

While at each location /random for an encounter. 
If your roll lands between 300 and 600 then you will receive an encounter, Display the spoiler below only when this happens.

Note: a member of your party shall have to choose to DM the monster.

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Posted by: N'shiki/Izzy - 26-05-2016, 02:32 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Okay!! Thought this would make more sense here.

I am returned from my long-ass holiday! And, with my return comes a bunch of stuff!
Yes, delicious stuff.
Before I left, I said there was a few things I wanted to start running as normal little weekly things (possibly bi-weekly, time allowing). So without further adue;

The first of these is the IC Lore Nights!
These are inspired from another FC that I admire, and while not mandatory, I hope they will endeavour to be interesting and educational! These will be IC nights (or days) where a set topic will be determined and there will be a lecture held on that topic. What I hope to achieve with this is a steady ground of knowledge for us all! As well as the usual fun and RP nonsense that comes with it ;3
Though perhaps mostly for the newer players, hopefully everyone can find something they didn't know before and all are welcome to add, as per usual. 
I'll post up the first when I know my schedule for work. Please look forward to it!

The second is a training and skills night!
This too shall be IC, and perhaps may over-run with the usual IC days for convenience sake. The aim with these is for those of us IC that wish to learn something new to be able to do so. As such, I ask that anyone wishing to teach something to please contact me. Though I have an abundance of alts, sadly they cannot cover every base x)
And besides, yelling at you like a general for a few hours every week would be come so very monotonous, no?
The first of these will go up when I know the schedule as well~

I will do my best to randomise the times for these and find days that work the best, though unfortunately as my work shifts aren't static, some weeks may differ. That being said, if someone else wishes to host either and teach or lecture, you are always more than welcome to. Just let me know first so I know not to plan for that week <3

Rhuya and myself are now running two story arcs!! One involving the Moui tribe, and another long-standing one that has been running with Jun which will be intermittently on-going when we can both arrange time for them!
I will be writing up a summary for Jun's as a lot has happened and quite a lot of folk are involved. The last event for this arc was the wonderfully dramatic 'Jun's Shadow', hosted by Camille~
(Though previous knowledge is certainly not mandatory to participating.)

Also! The Haven Lodge is being added to this thread here:
This means sometimes we may get a few random people stopping in to say hello! So do be polite and if you're not IC, do let them know  ^^

And, finally~
A good friend of mine, Enla Kertuh, is setting up a bazaar that she intends to have going as a constant feature.
You can find the details here;
The bazaar is intended to foster mainly mercantile RP, but is open to much more and at the moment, she is looking for staff and helpers! So if anyone is interested in helping to start something, do give her a tell, she'd appreciate it greatly <3

And that's all folks! My wall is done and now you know the stuff.
Thank you for reading and may your day be wonderful~
Izzy, out!

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  Overdue Returns
Posted by: N'shiki/Izzy - 26-05-2016, 01:01 PM - Forum: Event Quests - Replies (2)

While this little event is by no means mandatory, it will lead onto a story arch that Rhuya and myself will be leading.
If I can ask everyone to gather around the 11:30 mark it would be greatly appreciated. This is only going to be a small returning and greetings coupled with a few small questions and tid-bits to get the foundations for the next event set up ^^
There is also Zorai's event before this also, so if people are at that one first, please don't rush.

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  The Lost little Giraffe
Posted by: The Questrix - 24-05-2016, 01:19 PM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

Participants: N'shiki, U'Sirajal[Image: Insignia_Rank_1_Icon.png], U'kivi[Image: Insignia_Rank_1_Icon.png], E'mukhi,[Image: Insignia_Rank_Doodle_Icon.png] Genos[Image: Insignia_Rank_Doodle_Icon.png], Cybrielle[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png]

The Letter is stamped with the wax seal of The Great Guildhall, from Omma.
[Image: OmmaCrest.png]
Hunt Report:

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  Mayday - 22/05/2016
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 22-05-2016, 10:11 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Webcast Episode 0 is out now, with plans to make episodes every week, which will touch on diffrent subjects every time.
You can find them here under the Webcast thread

As some of you may be aware thier have been various attacks on the Wiki and website as a whole, To combat this security measures have been improved, As such the ban on creating accounts is now lifted.

Spam accounts were created by individuals attempting to cause havoc on our server, As accounts have been removed its possible your account was also removed in the process, if you find your unable to login, please contact Zorai Naccal to have it reinstated.

Security measures implemented. [05/2016]

  • Accounts that are created cannot create pages until 4 days after their creation.
  • Authenticate your email to by-pass this restriction.
  • Users must login to see and do the following, elsewise they are restricted
  • Edit Page
  • View Source
  • View History
  • Create Page
  • no captcha recaptcha required on the following actions
  • Account Creation.
  • Editing articles.
  • Creating articles.
  • Discussion Pages.
  • Bad login attempts.
  • File uploads restricted to the following
  • png
  • jpeg
  • gif
  • jpg
  • Additional Security measures have been added to ensure the safety of members and their files.
  • Backups will now be made every Two Weeks rather than month to ensure its possible to roll-back encase any damage has been made.

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  Episode 0: The Announcement
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 22-05-2016, 09:15 PM - Forum: Haven NewsCast - No Replies

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  [Quest Failed] Obscure Secretions: Part 2
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 04-05-2016, 12:37 AM - Forum: Urgent Quests - No Replies

[Image: QuestFailed.png]

Upon the failyour of this quest, the Slimes gained a stronger foothold in the house, gaining in number, growing in stregnth, some aireas of the house are perhaps complleatly inaccessable for the time being.

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  Indefinite Hiatus
Posted by: Gyre Fyrinbrand - 02-05-2016, 06:04 PM - Forum: OOC General - Replies (1)

Due to a lack of coordinated timezones, my inability to be on when others are on, and life in general; I'm putting Gyre on Hiatus pending whether or not to remove the character completely from the FC. Our times don't jive and I'm getting....nothing out of the FC now. Gonna have me a good long think on this subject, I will place my decision here when I come to one.


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  Holidays! :D
Posted by: N'shiki/Izzy - 02-05-2016, 03:09 PM - Forum: OOC General - No Replies

Hello dear friends!
I know I've been pretty scarce the last month with my trip to hospital and the release of a much awaited game that stole my attention a fair deal, but sadly I'm going to be vanishing again.
Come the 6th of May, I will be absent from the game entirely, as will Sokhatai Mol (Rhuya Moui) because for the first time, we actually get to meet!! I am super excited :Big Grin And as such, we'll be off doing the exploring of my native homeland together.
I'll still have my skype if anyone needs me for something drastic, and I'm already planning some events and things to do on my return.
Just try not to burn the house down in my absence ;3

Much love,

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