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  First of May~
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 01-05-2016, 01:39 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Its time for the News: First of all i would like to wish you all a most happy and shiny Beltane to chase away winter and welcome spring (or other holiday you practice at this time of year).

What is up-coming this month

An investigation event will lead to a rather strange ending, its up to you how we get there, your interactions and choices will choose how things go (think of it as a turn page adventure book) what you do means you'll find more, and perhaps.. even get to stop something before it happens, your interaction decides!
The Thread will be updated for everything a person asks, so we can all learn at the same time, here are the highlights

  • Zorai has gone missing, her room is locked.
  • There have been strange puddles around the house
  • Crystals are missing from the FC's Storage.
New-Player meeting "Festival of the Doodle"
"Festival of the Doodle" where new members will get a chance to meet up with each other and chat In-character, Dates in-coming

There will be new Quests popping up, Repeatable quests which you and friends can take at any point and a light-hearted Beach "Filler episode" event, please look forward to it.

As always their will be improvements made to the fourm and wiki, if their is anything you would request, let me know.

Wiki News:
Their has been a boom of profiles showing up on the wiki, i'm so very pleased to see this appearing!

The Featured Hero of the Month will now be Gyre Fyrinbrand, I hope you all enjoy getting to know him as we have getting to know Sokhatai Borlaaq

Player News
Ranking up: The following members have achieved the status of Wayfarer:
  • Enkhjargal Dalamiq
  • Mikai
Your ceremony will soon follow.

The following members have achieved the status and privileges of Caste Initiate:
  • Cybrielle Durnba
  • Zazanther
  • Jiao Stormchaser
  • Jun
Be sure to get in-touch with your chosen Caste Leader for a Personal reQuest.

U'Baxi Tia has recently name-changed their Charater to U'kivi Tia (pronounced: Oo-key-vey) and would wish that U'kivi has always been their name, please do your best to respect these wishes.
[14:51][FC] we were hoping people wouldnt mind jsut pretending his name was always kivi

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  Obscure goings on.
Posted by: The Questrix - 30-04-2016, 01:42 PM - Forum: Notes - No Replies

Zorai has been missing for quite some time, after telling the Questrix she was going to be leaving to talk to Katrina Langford and Katelin Auburn about the samples found during the last mission Obscure Secretion. it has been near three weeks with no word. after sending message to Katrina, she was suprised to hear Zorai was on her way at all. claiming she never arrived at the camp.

Odd reports of individuals stating they have seen Odd pools of green or purple around the Lodge

Bailen's Account

Mara's Account
N'atalia's Account

Additionally Crystals have gone missing from the Company's storage, an investigation is being launched, any help with this investigation will be appreciated.

So this is an investigation event, if you wish to find out you'll have to ask questions to me OOC, to find out Ic things.
  • As part of this investigation (Both Puddles, Crystal and Missing Miqo'te) you will need to contact Zorai Naccal to ask your questions and progress the story, Skype, discord, PM or In-game.
  • Should anyody need access to the Crystals OOC please Contact Zorai Naccal
What we know so far:

Zorai's room is locked, and appears to require a Key.

<Mikai Molyneax> What might happen if someone tries to just clean up the puddles?

Upon investigating the house...
a Group found such strange things, Slimes were infact whereverywhere, and they are gathering crystals.. taking them from the Free Company
Izrikiarin, Ndha, C'mahiin, Sehtara.

What we learned
Underneith the floorboards, their were hundreds of slimes that flee-ed from the light, some had crystals in their body
-The group followed these strange Slimey creatures, a scavenger hunt eventually leading them into the hallway.
-Attacking the slimes only proved to make thier numbers larger and larger.
-Zorai's door appeared to be warded, Locked somehow requiering a 'key' to open... Additonally the key is missing, could this be what they need?

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  The Flameheart
Posted by: Aelia - 19-04-2016, 06:57 PM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

Izrikairin, Cybrielle[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], S'ehtara, Aelia.


Please keep in touch with Aelia if you intend to come along to the event. There will be a max of three people that can enter with Aelia, though if more turn up she will pick who is strongest ICly, so keep that in mind.

No prior IC knowledge needed, but be around the house 10 minutes before the event is to start, or Aelia will leave without waiting.

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  Changes of April: 2016
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 19-04-2016, 04:53 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Some more updates have come our way, ones that i have been working on for quite some time.

Change Log:

Errors in the code: were fixed, we can now post more that 5 links in one post.

This was quite a tricky error for me, its been hanging around ever since this place opned up, so i'm glad that it finally got sorted.

Rules: have featured an update about garden plots and their usage.

Those who Donate: will now receive cute little Chocobo's on their profile, feature a unique coloured name and no longer see Adverts for the duration of their donation
[Image: Donate_1.png][Image: Donate_2.png][Image: Donate_3.png][Image: Donate_4.png][Image: Donate_5_1.png][Image: Donate_6.png][Image: Donate_7.png][Image: Donate_8.png][Image: Donate_9.png]
Minion of Games: awards have been given out to indaviduals who took part in the Festival of Free Companies.
Special thanks too those who helped out.

Wiki Changes:

Edit: was removed from view by those who are not signed in, An individual can no longer edit a page without being logged in, this is to save all your hard work from mystery editing.

Account Issues: There has been some confusion, though, you already have an account on this, you will have to create another account for the wiki, they are not connected.

Headertabs: extension is now supported. this means you can create a tabbed template for your page simply include in your page and everythnig between one =equals sign= will become a tab heading, Sound confusing?
Check out the template Here Or see the template in action with Camille Everardi

Spoiler Tags: are now possible on the Wiki, simply encase what you wish to spoil in
<spoiler>Content here</spoiler>
this will allow you to spoiler tag

Collapsible Content: is also possible via the use of the below code, Featured on this page.
<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="100%">
This text is not collapsible; but the next is collapsible and hidden by default:
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">Test words!</div>

Quote Tags: are now possible on the wiki, simply use
{{Quote|change these words.|[[who dun it]]}}
And it shall display a Quote, much like on this page.

More modules can be added to the Wiki on request

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  An invitation to talk with Zorai.
Posted by: The Questrix - 11-04-2016, 08:19 PM - Forum: Notes - No Replies

A note written by the Questrix hangs on the board near her post.

An offer to talk with Zorai has been extended to all those affected by the incident on the night March 30th.
Should you wish to share, vent or simply talk through any issues. please feel free to contact her.

For details see the report on Jun's Shadow

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  The Hearth Fire's Glow (A Fyrinbrand Tale)
Posted by: Gyre Fyrinbrand - 06-04-2016, 01:44 PM - Forum: The Book Of Myths and Legends - No Replies

Part One: Awakening

In the wee hours of the morning, when all but the most sleep deprived were at rest finally; Gyre clanked through the front door. It was becoming routine for him now, after offering to guard the company's assets (and aplenty they were.) that he spend his last bell in front of the great hearth. The first night's watch had been troublesome, cold, and he had difficulty falling asleep on the floor of his empty room. The second night, he had given himself half a bell to warm before trudging to sleep and found it easier to slumber....thus, at the last bell of his watch; Gyre gently lowered his great, armored form down upon the couch. It strained, groaned, annoyed by his weight and the addition of his bulky armor but it held nonetheless.

While patrolling the grounds, Gyre could keep his mind occupied with sword practice, observations on the beautiful landscape surrounding the large manse in the Lavender Beds, and he often kept busy by cleaning the chocobo stables, grooming the birds and carrying on conversations with them in bwarks and kwehs. Even if he was speaking gibberish, he enjoyed making the noises and the birds seemed to be pleased with his efforts to learn their speech (or so he pretended anyways). That last bell though....that was the time for reflection.

Last week, with a void critter wrapped around his head, Gyre had not been frightened by the arrival of death. Despite his signal to Zorai and the others that he was alright, which he was....for the most part. One can't be completely at peace with a creature clawing at your head and stealing your breath, not to mention the horrid visions it had brought to his mind. He knew they weren't real....but knowing is far different from seeing and it was what he saw that haunted him. Were they twisted memories or just illusions meant to torment? He did not know, but the unsettling feeling that the shadow wolf had reached deep into his mind and drew out reality would not let him be. Gyre unstrapped his helm, bending down to set it on the floor between his gleaming sabatons of deep blue then sat back and shook out his wild hair. In the firelight, it was a vibrant red streaked with a sun kissed wheat coloration.

He walked back into his imagination of his own free will then, back to what the voidal beastie showed him.

It was a desolate plain, devoid of life obviously, but not by nature's wrath or demand. Craters littered the broken ground, breathing expelled ceruleum vapors into the smoldering sky. A great shadow loomed above in the thick, black clouds, a demon in the sky that shed its minions in all directions; minions who fell to the earth with great calamity in their wake. One fell mere fulms from Gyre, throwing him back with the force of the impact and as he clambered to get his feet under him again; the chilling realization that he was him and yet not gripped Gyre's mind. If he were not he, then who was he? 

Pausing, he looked down to take stock of himself. Arms, legs, the right muscles in the right places but the equipment was all wrong. His hands were adorned in black threaded with gold and lined by thick purplish black fur that tufted around his forearms. Forearms were wrapped in chain, intricate and of a greenish tint in the glow of ceruleum devastation. His boots were like he gauntlets, his legs like his arms and his chest bore a heavy plate with the standard of Rhalgr proudly emblazoned upon it. At his neck, he felt the soft thick texture of cured leather and he reached up to grasp the cowl pooled and clasped at his throat by a single bone button. He pulled at it, drawing the deep red fabric around to find it tattered and singed and as he reached for his face to truly confirm his identity to his mind-self; a battlecry rose on the charred wind. 

His head snapped to the side, facing the call and he found men in black and red garb charging toward him. Quickly, he knew their numbers and took stock of their arms. Six men, two bannermen with lances, two forward phalanx with sword and board, one scout, one medic. He marveled at his own mind, drawing so much information in a single breath that he drew in a second breath and found even more knowledge at his disposal. The bannermen were right handed, they'd strike toward that side first. The phalanx were young, eager, he expected them to try to pin him with their shields so the bannermen could deal quick blows. It was the scout that concerned him, the man held his bow with surety and a nocked arrow. He had no choice but to take the arrow when it loosed, however he knew he could choose where it bit. Inspired, he reached toward his back to draw his shield and found something long there instead. His hand wrapped around it and pulled, the heavy weight of the great axe came free from his back and settled with familiarity in his hand. Two, wide, crescent blades protruded from its twisted tip, arced in opposition like a swirl of wind trapped in metal. Along the haft was scrawled "Thunder's Crash" and Gyre knew he was not himself any longer. He'd never learned to swing the axe, something about the weapon put him off and yet here it felt as if an old friend. There was no time for consideration now, he had foes to face.

"RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" He heard himself shout, a thick, deep basso that was not his voice at all. The sound exploded from his mouth as if it were cannonfire from one of the Admiral's vessels and to his surprise as he charged the unit of soldiers in black and red, a chant begin to raise up and echo from all around him. Stoneheart......STONEheart.....STONEHEART.....it repeated over and over again, bringing strength to Gyre-not-Gyre's limbs. He tucked his shoulder and bullrushed through the phalanx shield wall, battering to the two men aside. One managed a lucky graze across his mailed arm but the two broke like wood against a ram and he found exactly what he expected of the bannermen. They thrust in unison, their deadly sharp tips reached for his face but he twisted to the side and took paralleled slices to the right of his face instead of spears through the eyes, his momentum twirled him round and the axe grew light in his grip as he swung himself in a spiralling arc with the weapon outstretched; howling a song of battle in the eye of the bladed tempest. The bannermen were thrown hard, flopping over their own heads on the hard packed ground, the phalanx lost their balance trying to avoid decapitation, the medic was unprepared and caught a gash to the gut that spilled his innards all over the dirt. He gurgled and panicked, trying to stuff his insides back in again even as he fell dead but the archer; despite being thrown by the gale of force, fired his arrow true and it caught deep in Gyre-not-Gyre's belly.

He felt the bite and it staggered him. More units of red and black garbed soldiers appeared in the distance, moving around him as he pitched the head of his axe on the ground and used it to prop himself up while his free hand grasped the shaft and snapped it off. Breathe. Just keep breathing. Surrounded and alone, Gyre-not-Gyre put his armored feet under him and rose to stand against the sea of soldiers. He would not die in shame, defeated. He would honor those he left behind, his people. Gyre-not-Gyre turned round and raised his head to the sky, staring up at the great demon in the clouds and raised his bloody hand to his mouth. He stuck his thumb between his teeth then plucked it free in a crude gesture before suddenly charging at the eastern wall of soldiers, swinging his great axe and praising the twelve for a life he truly believed in but could not remember....

The vision the shadow wolf had caused in Gyre suddenly took over, thousands of weapons in the dark biting and cutting and piercing him from every direction and yet he would not, could not die. He felt empowered but alone, fighting for a life that was dripping from him with every strike against opponents from all sides. Despair warred with pride, knowing there was a weapon somewhere nearby but unable to find it. Knowing no salvation against the shadowed onslaught tearing and cutting his life away in pieces until there was nothing left of him....but that vision ended when the shadow wolf was forced away by the flames and just so, Gyre opened his wet eyes to stare sullenly at the hearth's flames before him.

He couldn't tell if it was real or not, but a profound sense of loss sat hard in his chest like a musket ball. It hadn't been evident that day what the void critter had done to him, but there was no hiding it now. He wasn't bothered by the cuts and scrapes and bites, these things would heal in time. The hole in his chest though.....he knew naught if it would ever truly heal....until he knew the truth.

Part One ~Fin~

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  to Courier Mikai Molyneax
Posted by: N'shiki/Izzy - 03-04-2016, 11:03 PM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

The instructions given to Mikai were as follows;
To procure a bouquet of flowers from a shop in Ul'dah, of red and yellow, and arranged in a way that she would presonally find appealing. The price doesn't matter as plenty gil has been provided for this delivery.
Once the flowers were obtained, Mikai was to return to the Shroud to deliver them. The place of delivery is just outside the beds, towards Gavanth's Spire and down the path heading West.
Tei's words were; "The last little hill on the furthest right."


What apparently seemed like quite a charming display of affection would quickly unravel a more grim truth as Mikai finds herself heading towards the burial ground that is Tam Tara Deepcroft.
The small enclosed parapet on the aforementioned mound lay the remains of what could have been previous offerings of flowers and a small, ragged toy placed beside it. There also sits a small wooden box, half buried in earth and near hidden.
The choice in tidying up what is obviously a grave would be Mikai's, along with taking the strange box beside it.


Return to Teidarin with or without box to complete this quest~

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  Ranking, Quest Info and April fools
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 02-04-2016, 05:09 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Updates have been made to the Ranking system.
You can now nominate which character will receive your participation in Quests via the "Participation by Proxy" system, this allows for a person of multiple Alts to still participate or a person who has reached maximum rank and still allow participation of their character.

Notice on Quests
Please note, Rankups require a place where We the council can track your participation, if you are planning an event, please make sure to use the forum making your event official and mark the participation of fellow members.

Additionally: Please fill out a Hunt Report, a bullet point list of what happened, this is useful for other members and the council, if for example Zorai gets hurt during a battle those who have seen the report can act accordingly in the future.

April Fools
Missed the April fools day gag, Hildibrand took over with his face, and

played on every page.
[Image: AprilFools2016.png]

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  Nightmare on the Bridge
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 31-03-2016, 02:03 AM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

Participants:Cam, Keru, Zorai, Cyb[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Tierala[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Jun[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Rhuya, Zanther[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Khuja

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  Adverts and Timezones.
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 30-03-2016, 01:00 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Hello members of Haven, take a seat by the hearth and listen

No doubt you have noticed we now feature adverts, this is to help ease the burden of paying for hosting and keeping everything running smoothly. I've made no effort to conceal the fact we need Donations to run this website, in Last month's Informational Post about Donations, Now to ease the burden slightly you'll see Adverts cropping up In the Header and Footer, and on certain pages like the Homepage and Portal, an advert will also be placed there, So i would be grateful if you could White list Hearthhaven.co.uk on your adblocker. Or, if you would rather see no adds. at all, Consider Donating, For that month you'll receive the Donation status.

Donation Status means you won't see the Adverts and you will receive a cute little chocobo companion [Image: Donate_1.png] that will accompany you for the rest of your days, They come in various colours like this one [Image: Donate_4.png] and mean different lengths of donation, if you want to see them all follow this link or click Awards when you are logged in.

Time Zones
So a lot of us are experiencing different time zones at the moment and its bound to get confusing and weird that GMT is now BST or GMT+1 and EST is now EDT, we all get overwhelmed but fear naught. Zorai Got'cha, Here is a handy list of all the time zones we have for Haven.

  • GMT is now BST or GMT+1
  • EST is now EDT
  • PST is now PDT
  • AEDT is now AEST
  • GET is still GET.
So that is a big list, and most of them can be found here with reference (it costs to add more than 4).

Time Zones Cont
If this all seems confusing, which it is. we could always attempt to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is a constant, never changing time zone used as a  common time standard across the world, Just a thought?

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