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  Jun's Shadow
Posted by: Camille - 30-03-2016, 02:16 AM - Forum: Quests - Replies (1)

Participants:Gyre, Sokhatai, Jiao, Azranahr, Sehtara[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Keru, Enk, Cammille, Paran, Mika, Altan, Khuja, Jun

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  Obscure Secretion.
Posted by: The Questrix - 30-03-2016, 12:04 AM - Forum: Urgent Quests - No Replies

While at each location /random for an encounter.
If your roll lands between 300 and 600 then you will receive an encounter, Display the spoiler below only when this happens.

Note: a member of your party shall have to choose to DM the monster.

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  The Impatient Stormchaser
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 29-03-2016, 10:33 PM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

Participants: Mkai, Zanther[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Dyolfen[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Azzie, Jiao

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  Blows of Renewal
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 28-03-2016, 05:50 PM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

Participants: Zorai, T'rau, Teidarin[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], U'sehtara, Enk, Zanther[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Cam, Jiao

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  Memories, part 1
Posted by: Zanther - 26-03-2016, 08:42 PM - Forum: Quests - Replies (1)

Participants: Zanther[Image: Insignia_Rank_1_Icon.png], Jiao[Image: Insignia_Rank_1_Icon.png], Izzy, Keru, Zorai
[Image: QuestClear.png]

A small group, upon discussing what was going to happen, traveled to Camp Tranquil to reach Sanctuary, the Guard Hall of Knowledge and storage. On the way, Izzy hurt himself, agravating a pervious injury. Keru, not wanting to make his own condition worse, opted out of going in once they reached the outside. So a group of four made their way in, slaying Voidsent as they went. Eventually they make it to the room where Zanthers necklace had started its previous image. Inside they found a powerful Voidsent and after a tough fight, dispatched it, but not before learning of a stronger Voidsent deeper, the one in control of the rest.

Eventually, the group made it to the main library. The whole area was in ruin, tables broken, shelves toppled over, books in various states of ruin. The necklace, which had been reacting the whole trip, shot a beam of light into the middle of the room, creating a glowing orb that lite up the room. It also revealed that they were not alone. The Voidsent warned of earlier was sitting in the back. It said it had felt a fimilar presence, but couldn't tell who it was from. After asking and taunting the group, it charged straight at Zanther. ignoring the injured Izzy as he didn't seem like enough sport. After a hard fight, the Voidsent seeing that his intrapment in Sanctuary had weaken him, went for one final attack to wipe the group out. Zanther suddenly started speaking a language no one knew, even him and the Voidsent was banished back into the Void. Jiao, tired after the ordeal started to head out and Zorai fell to the floor, exausted and fell fast asleep, leaving Izzy and Zanther to deal with the orb. 

Suddenly Zanther was being pulled to the orb, not under his free will. Izzy tried to stop him but was repelled and upon  Zanthers touching of the orb, the room shown with light, then darkness inveloped Zanther and he fell to the ground, unconsious. Izzy called for help and all three were taken back to the House, where Zanther was placed in his room and had been since.

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  Changes of March: 2016
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 25-03-2016, 10:39 PM - Forum: News and Information - No Replies

Their have been perhaps subtle updates to the forum that perhaps you may not notice, but Zorai has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you new features, ensuring the board runs smoothly as possible.

Change Log:
The Banner: hasbeen updated to show various events taking place in-game and current story plot related.

The Wiiki became Live: you can now make an account within the Wiki that will allow you access to create your own wiki pages such as your Charater Sheet, or simply find out information on items or relics.

Donation Links fixed
: They now Diisplay a @hearthhaven.co.uk email address instead of @theblackdiablos.com

Information widget
: The fourm now has an information widget, which holds various useful information At Current, use this to your full advantage.

  • Story so Far [WIP]
  • Combat Information
  • How to Rank Up
  • Caste Information
  • Items and Relics
Spoiler Code is now possible: you can now place chunks of text within two spoiler tags
[spoiler] Your Message Here [/spoiler]

Discord Widget: You can now check out discord from the home page.

Discord Channel's have been reviewed:

The Book Of Myths and Legends: has been created, this is a section in which members are encouraged to write and read their "Story so far", personal story archs, FC Story arcs, a great place to place your very own story book and learn the tales of your comrades. take a look at how you do it.

Quest Creation: is now easier than ever, featureing an input box that allows you to post quests in a much quicker, simpler format than before.

[Image: QuestBoard.png]
Please note that the Your Message: box should contain the participants of your event for record.

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  A Faded Journal: Of Myths and Legends
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 24-03-2016, 03:35 PM - Forum: The Book Of Myths and Legends - Replies (2)

"Of Myths and Legends"
[Image: 300px-Itm_paper.png]

Under Construction

Chapter 1: Omma
Chapter 2: New Beginnings
Chapter 3: Stranger Tides

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  Seht's on the Loose
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 23-03-2016, 11:02 PM - Forum: Quests - No Replies

Participants: U'Sirajal, U'sehtara, U'baxi, Izrikairin, Zazanther[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Rhuya, Cybrielle[Image: Insignia_Rank_Wayfarer_Icon.png], Zorai, Mikia.

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  A Savage Night
Posted by: The Questrix - 07-03-2016, 05:22 PM - Forum: Urgent Quests - Replies (1)

[Image: Haven_Q_SavageNight.png]

Quest: A Savage Night
Something is happening at the Haven Lodge.

Where: Haven Lodge
When: 8th of March 2016
Time: 7:30 GMT

Special Requirements: Survive the Night.

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  The Banner
Posted by: Zorai Naccal - 07-03-2016, 02:47 PM - Forum: News and Information - Replies (1)

Welcome, So if you've been here before you may have known about the Scrolling Banner
It was a project that involved all the members appearing on the banner in a random order, it was quite a fun project for the company but unfortunately it is resource heavy, subjecting the forum to heavy stress. but no matter, I've found a solution that's just as good!

So I bring you the new banners.
The theory behind them, they will be updated to reflect in-game holidays and FC Story events, Progressing the story means progressing the banners, so we create a kind of living story  that we can all see on the front page.

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