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The Pagemaster(s) - D'emi Rhojah - 04-09-2016

A faintly scented note is tacked to the Hunt board:

Calling all scholars and spelunkers! Interested in some new old reading material? How about a trip to an ancient Sharlayan Library? All we need to do is get to them! Bring some writing materials for note-taking and a bag for "borrowing" some of the more interesting tomes, and be ready to have to fight your way past whatever may have made a home out of the place! Meet at The Haven Lodge prepared for battle and let's go!


Hope everyone is ready... Because the shenanigan levels are going to be off the charts!

RE: The Pagemaster(s) - Zanther - 12-09-2016

I can come along.

RE: The Pagemaster(s) - D'emi Rhojah - 12-09-2016

(12-09-2016, 03:26 AM)Zanther Wrote: I can come along.

You missed it, buddy. XD Sorry!

RE: The Pagemaster(s) - Zanther - 17-09-2016

What I get for not paying attention to dates. Still, now that I see the right date, I was busy with something that day ?