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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

Haven's Rules
Rules & Guidelines
Welcome, Below are a set of rules in which we all folow

1. Be respectful to; and Respect others.
Though we may come from different creeds, we must always do our best to always to respect the views and opinions of others. Harassment and Discrimination of any form (Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religion or Beliefs) will not be tolerated in any degree.
1.1 Respect towards other people's RP styles
We at Haven all have different levels of experience in RP. Haven is non-exclusive, as such we welcome anyone from brand new to hardened veteran. Please be respectful and understand not everybody can adhere to your personal standards, everyone is different. Please respect and accept that others have different views on how something may affect their character, such things are not personal slights, only a difference in reaction from person to person.

2. Issues.
Should issues arise about a member, an event or otherwise, it is to be brought to the attention of a Council member or Overseer and talked about, never bottle an issue. This can create further problems.
2.1 Sensitive issues about other players.
Should you have a disagreement with a player, either parties are asked to please talk with an Overseer or Council member privately first. However strongly you feel the about the matter, it should never bleed over to the FC chat.
2.2 Issues about RP events or Lore
If an issue arises during a RP event about conduct of any form, Spells, Lore or any such disagreement, please bring it to the attention of the current GM or Council member, please note that it may not be possible to get back to you right away. Please allow time.

3. Activity
While Hearth Haven have regular RP events these can only happen if our characters get to know each other, this can only happen if we are regularly engaging with one another, in Hearth Haven it's a large give and take, and getting something for nothing won’t happen. Become part of the Hearth Haven community, logon regularly, contribute to FC in your own unique way and show up, make spontaneous RP and engage in fun activities together regularly, we look forward to getting to know you.
3.1 Login to the forum regularly.
Checking the forum regularly is a must, events and reQuests are often made via the forum, so check here atleast once a week for new reQuests and even take your time
3.2 Linkpearl Activity
Remember to keep active.Hearth Haven can only be kept alive if there's chatter on the Aethercomms frequency. Say hello every once in awhile both OOC and IC, our characters relationships and interests are as important as ours, ensure they grow naturally.
3.3 Keeping us informed.
If you find you won’t be online in quite some time, make sure you inform a Council member, or use the I’m away (/usercp.php?action=profile) function of your user profile, while we understand some matters are sensitive, please keep us informed to the best of your ability, nobody wants to risk being removed from the Free Company for inactivity (this includes the loss of Private chambers or items you may have kept in the chest.)

4. IC Interactions.
Never force someone’s character to do something that you have not previously received consent for, unless it is something small like a nudge. It takes only a moment to send a tell to just ask if it’s okay to do so and, more than anything, it is polite. Common sense can be applied to deem whether this is necessary or not. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself; Would I be okay if that were me?
4.1 Godmodding
While we tolerate many different RP styles and ways of thinking in Hearth Haven, Godmodding is strictly prohibited in our community, never force an action upon a person’s character. This includes both attacks towards others in the RP, or your own character magically avoiding something that you have no feasible way out of.
Yes, we understand that RP is all about the imagination, but sometimes a touch of reality helps to simply keep things both fair and balanced.
While we as an FC have no problems with this form of RP (within reason), please exercise a little decency and keep it to private rooms or personal chat channels. Not everyone appreciates reading that sort of thing.

5. Housing Rules.
Though you as a member may at some point have the ability to move furniture, under no circumstances are you allowed to remodel or otherwise change the house without explicit written and documented permission of Two or more Council member's
5.1 Movement Continued.
You, as a member are allowed to move chairs and stools for RP purposes, anything else we would ask you to please seek permission.
5.2 Consumption of ‘usable items’
Please do not eat the food found around the house unless you intend to replace it. This is for decoration.
5.3. Private chambers.
While in Private Chambers, please respect the owner of said chambers’ wishes (within reason) as though they were the council's own chambers.
5.3.1 This includes, but is not limited to, self-conduct and violence.
5.4 Garden Patch Usage
Two garden patches can be occupied by the same member for no longer than One week on a personal project, should you still require the use of Two patches after said week, Yet another member has requested usage of the Plot, please reduce your activity to just one Patch for the duration of the other member's request.

Haven council reserve the right to review this document at any time.
At such times you, the member will be made aware of the changes via guild message of the day.
Signed, Haven Council