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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Quest Name-=Lore and Training Nights=-
Personal reQuest
SummaryJust what it says on the tin!
Hopefully bi-weekly nights of lore lessons and training~
DescriptionGreetings friends!

So I addressed this topic a while ago in a news post not long after my vacation ended. I had the idea of running little lore lessons and indeed training sessions ICly. The aim being so that our characters can learn about the world they live in and broaden their skills, because not everyone is a multi-talented genius like our outside selves ;D
The first of these I wish to bring this week! One will always start late and another early, alternating so that I can catch as many of you as I can.
Caste Specefic QuestHaven Everyone
Caste RankDoodle Doodle
WhereHaven Lodge
When (optional)See Below
Special Requirements: (optional)Remove this to insert default Value
Rewards (Optional)TASTY KNOWLEDGE
Time ZoneTimezone List
Lore Night

The first of hopefully many, this session will be all about the pirate capital; Limsa Lominsa. A nice and easy subject to start us off with, but one incredibly rich in history!
This night will be hosted by N'shiki Talien, former Chief Storm Sergeant of the Maelstrom.
Aiming to start at around about 11pm GMT / 6pm EST / 3pm PDT on Thursday 16th.
The length of this event will be determined on how many people come and who has questions about the topic talked about :3 As such, if there is anyone you wish to bring along that is not in the FC, please do!

Training Sessions

Again the first of a series, the training lessons will span between the various classes in the game. This means all of them, so crafting classes to brush up those embroidery skills will also pop up!
The first session will be on Evasion! Held and taught by Teidarin Rish.
This one I'll aim to start at 1pm GMT / 8am EST / 5am PDT on Sunday 19th.
Again, the length of this event is determined mostly by its turn-out, so it could be short or long! Same rules apply!

Any questions regarding these events, please contact myself ingame or skype~
Please note these times are tentative, if they do infact prove too difficult for most of you to make- for example if the turn out is only going to be two people- the time will be adjusted to better fit with everyone's schedules. But for this to happen, you guys have to let me know.
Thank you, and I look forward to seeing some of you there!
Izzy - N'shiki - Batoyuun - Jun - Teidarin

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