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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Important You Are Cordially Invited~
Quest NameYou Are Cordially Invited
Personal reQuest
SummaryTo something a little bit different!
DescriptionPosted on the notice board upstairs behind the Questatrix is pinned a hand written note from N'shiki.
There's even a silly doodle at the bottom of an overly happy Miqo'te in a dress.
Caste Specefic QuestHaven Everyone
Caste RankDoodle Doodle
WhereSt Reinette's University [Ward 2, Plot 33]
When (optional)Thursday 23rd, at noon EST / 5pm GMT / 11am PDT
Special Requirements: (optional)
Rewards (Optional)New Friends?!
Time ZoneTimezone List
Friends and Guests of Haven!!

It is my greatest pleasure to announce that we have, one and all, been invited to a dance!
To be held a St Reinette's University, the dance marks the beginning of their second school year and they have extended the invitation to us. I have spoken to some of you personally about the shool- though few, I know- so I'll put it here too.
The school is open to anyone for guest lessons, whenever you feel like visiting!
If you go, please be sure to leave any weapons either at home, or with the receptionist at the school.
As for the dance, I expect everyone on their best behaviour if they go. Any bad manners and you answer to me!!
You can also bring a friend!

Thanks guys,
Shiki x
Izzy - N'shiki - Batoyuun - Jun - Teidarin

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