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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Goings On~
There's a few things going on this week, so I thought I'd plop it into a neat little master post for everyone here.
Some of these are our own, and some picked up from the RPC that are open events! Because sometimes members can't make it for timezone reasons to our own, perhaps you can find something neat from the list ^^
Have fun!

Haven Things:

Now that I'm over the plague, the Lore/Training nights are going back up! Please find details on that here.
Zazanther has kindly invited us all to his house warming party! Taking place this Sunday (though subject to change). Please find details on that here!
Congratulations to Camille Everardi and Enkhjargal of the Dalamiq, who are to be married this week!
And a warm welcome to our newest member, Maral!

Friends of Haven:

St Reinette's University:
I hope you all enjoyed the school dance! Sadly, I couldn't make it, but I heard some lovely stories~ Though there are no dances this week, I just wanted to remind everyone that the University has classes almost everyday starting at 4pm EST that are open to all. If you find yourself dwiddling your thumbs with an RP bug, why not give them a visit? You may find them in Ward 2, Plot 33 of the Lavender Beds.

Sea Breeze Bazaar:
Our friend Enla Kertuh's bazaar was off to a flying start last month, and the next date has been set! A place for the slightly more shady of us to unload goods, or perhaps pick up some curious nick-knacks, amongst other things.
To be held on July 17th, you can find more info on it here!

Server Fun:

The Grand Charity Ball; Some of you may or may not have known about a tournament not long ago. A follow-up to that is the Grand Charity Ball. To be held by two houses of Ishgard, the ball is in celebration of the tournament, for her victors and those less fortunate. To be held at the Sanctum of the Twelve in East Shroud, the event is open to all! Please find details here~

If any of those don't pique your interest, then there is ofcourse Balmung's RP Event Calender
May many grand addventures and stories find you!
And enjoy the rest of your day <3
Izzy - N'shiki - Batoyuun - Jun - Teidarin

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