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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Quest Budding Collections [Posting as Y'riel Tia]
Quest NameBudding Collections
Personal reQuest
SummaryA small, smooth grey rock sits in Riel's hands, he seems very intent on inspecting every surface.
DescriptionRiel appears to notice your presence, holding up the tiny stone in his equally small hand, "Oh, this?" he smiles and runs a finger over it, "It's kind of nice isn't it? Really smooth, but some rocks are sharp, and some are sharp AND smooth." he pauses, like he wants to ask something of you, but is just far to shy to do so, "It would be nice to have more, like a little collection that I could line up on my shelf. That would be nice, don't you think?"
Caste Specefic QuestHaven Everyone
Caste RankDoodle Doodle
When (optional)January 10th - January 22nd
Special Requirements: (optional)None
Rewards (Optional)Making a smol catte happy!
Time ZoneTimezone List
Riel seems to want to build a collection of rocks. He'd certainly be happy if he could have different kinds from all across Eorzea! Imagine that adorable smile when he has a pile of different stones to inspect!

  • No actual RP is required in your rock hunt, unless you wish to collaborate with another member to do so. That is entirely your own choice!
  • To deliver your rock, simply send an in-game letter to either Y'riel Tia or Azranahr Stormchaser describing the rock(s) you wish to hand over.
  • Alternatively, you may also send your rock description on skype.
  • Delivery can also be made in person in game. Please contact me and inform me if you wish to do so and we can arrange an IC meet-up.
  • An actual item is also not required. Feel free to attach one if you wish, but a description is fine.
Descriptions: Please include the size, colour and texture of the rock. A weight is also required, but does not have to be in actual kg etc, just inform me if it's light or heavy, or better yet, if it has a similar weight to another object such as a La Noscean Orange or your average bag of chocobo feed.

Most importantly, go nuts! Don't feel restricted by the kinds of rocks we know exist in game from mining etc. Your rock doesn't have to be specifically named, like Jade or Quartz, just describe what it looks, and more importantly, feels like.

Good luck on your rock hunt!

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