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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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News Obscure goings on.
Zorai has been missing for quite some time, after telling the Questrix she was going to be leaving to talk to Katrina Langford and Katelin Auburn about the samples found during the last mission Obscure Secretion. it has been near three weeks with no word. after sending message to Katrina, she was suprised to hear Zorai was on her way at all. claiming she never arrived at the camp.

Odd reports of individuals stating they have seen Odd pools of green or purple around the Lodge

Bailen's Account
Mara's Account
N'atalia's Account

Additionally Crystals have gone missing from the Company's storage, an investigation is being launched, any help with this investigation will be appreciated.

So this is an investigation event, if you wish to find out you'll have to ask questions to me OOC, to find out Ic things.
  • As part of this investigation (Both Puddles, Crystal and Missing Miqo'te) you will need to contact Zorai Naccal to ask your questions and progress the story, Skype, discord, PM or In-game.
  • Should anyody need access to the Crystals OOC please Contact Zorai Naccal
What we know so far:

Zorai's room is locked, and appears to require a Key.

<Mikai Molyneax> What might happen if someone tries to just clean up the puddles?

Upon investigating the house...
a Group found such strange things, Slimes were infact whereverywhere, and they are gathering crystals.. taking them from the Free Company
Izrikiarin, Ndha, C'mahiin, Sehtara.

What we learned
Underneith the floorboards, their were hundreds of slimes that flee-ed from the light, some had crystals in their body
-The group followed these strange Slimey creatures, a scavenger hunt eventually leading them into the hallway.
-Attacking the slimes only proved to make thier numbers larger and larger.
-Zorai's door appeared to be warded, Locked somehow requiering a 'key' to open... Additonally the key is missing, could this be what they need?

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