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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Overdue Returns
Quest NameOpen Arms, Open Minds
Personal reQuest
SummaryRhuya and Izzy have been gone for nearly a month. With their return, they bring not only warm hugs but curious news to the folks of Haven.
DescriptionAfter a month of travelling with Rhuya's branch of the Moui tribe, Rhuya and Izzy return to Haven with their two little girls.
Though they have mysterious news and questions for the group as there appears to have been trouble with the tribe.
Perhaps those in Haven can help~
Caste Specefic QuestHaven Everyone
Caste RankDoodle Doodle
WhereHaven Lodge, Saturday May 28th
When (optional)11:30/Midnight GMT | 4p EST | 6p PDT
Special Requirements: (optional)Remove this to insert default Value
Rewards (Optional)None.
Time ZoneTimezone List
While this little event is by no means mandatory, it will lead onto a story arch that Rhuya and myself will be leading.
If I can ask everyone to gather around the 11:30 mark it would be greatly appreciated. This is only going to be a small returning and greetings coupled with a few small questions and tid-bits to get the foundations for the next event set up ^^
There is also Zorai's event before this also, so if people are at that one first, please don't rush.
Izzy - N'shiki - Batoyuun - Jun - Teidarin
While Izzy and Rhu will return, the part pertaining to future events will be rescheduled until further notice. Sorry~
Izzy - N'shiki - Batoyuun - Jun - Teidarin
After a small RP between Rhuya, myself, U'kivi and U'sirajal, machinations for the events sprung from this return are under-way!
I decided that the small part needed to get it rolling wasn't really worthy of a whole event, SO;
Rhuya, Izzy and their daughters are now back in Haven Lodge should anyone need them.
To anyone who may have overheard, U'sirajal has been given something from Iz, related to some strange goings on in Rhuya's sect of the Moui tribe~
More to follow!

Please look forward to it ;D
Izzy - N'shiki - Batoyuun - Jun - Teidarin

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