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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Information The Hunt Report
Quest Name
Personal reQuest
Caste Specefic Quest
Caste Rank
When (optional)
Special Requirements: (optional)
Rewards (Optional)
Time ZoneTimezone List
What is a Hunt report?

the hunt report is something you fill out after every quest, its a bullet point log of everything you've done. did the Sylphs show up and take your supplies, did Azzie hurt himself rushing into battle or you lose the NPC you were protecting. these are all the things you should put in your Hunting Report along with a screenshot from the quest, did you win, everyone cheer, did you lose... ohh noes uvu

  • Zorai Naccal
  • T'rau Durnba
  • N'shiki
  • Zorai and Shiki met up outside but Trau was late, they were supposed to hunt some Ziz
  • they went inside to find a drunken T'rau asleep
  • Waking Trau up proved harder and more wetter than first thought.
  • a now very wet T'rau, dry Shiki and partly soaked Zorai are ready to go!
  • we found a pack of Ziz, after quieting three a fourth escaped and warned a pack, a bigger Ziz appeared with a squawk and a thump of its feet
  • with its last breath it summoned 4 more Ziz, Zorai still hurt from her encounter with azzie was taken by surprise and thrown in the air
  • Landing on a branch Zorai hung there for the rest of the fight unconscious.
  • T'rau and Shiki finished the Ziz off, in attempts to remove Zorai from the tree they found an unexpected helper, a moogle with a scarf. the moogle made a deal, it would help save Zorai if it could come ho e with the Diablos.... and drink wine.
  • the moogle... drunk our reserves Dry
space for screenshot.
Quest... Complete?
[Image: Quests.PNG]

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