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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Urgent Quest The Mysterious Lady Zorai's Haunted Mansion
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[Image: Cryptic2.png]

Quest: The Mysterious Lady Zorai's Haunted Mansion
In the past week you've received a sealed letter, it looks rather important yet it has an odd feeling about it, the seal is from the Diablos Gathering Hall, inside is a letter that folds out "You are invited to attend a tea party, to honor those who we have lost and celebrate those we have gained" the invitation appears to be in a handwriting your mind tells you is from Zorai, theirs even her signature thumb print, but in black ink instead of purple.
"Find clues, Solve the puzzles to release you all of the spell and return the House back to normal"
You were all enjoying a meal at the Diablos Hunting Hall eating and drinking, laughing and chatting when something went wrong, your bodies heavy, vision fading and then Nothing....

You wake up outside in the garden, confused, maybe some of you don't remember where you are, or even what happened before. the whole area holds a thick fog, stray too far from the house and you'll start to feel ill, the only way to feel better is to go towards the overgrown house. as your senses slowly return to you its obvious you are missing something of personal value

Hunter Rank:
Fledgling Hunter: [Image: FledgelingQuests.png]
Where: Diablos Hunting Hall
When: 14th of November 2015, 6:00PM GMT onward.
Special Requirements: Missing something of value, [Suspiciously familiar Note]

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