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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Secret Smilebringer II
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A note has been posted on the front door of the Diablos house, written in green ink. It reads:

Dearest Diablos! I am hosting another Secret Smilebringer event! Write your name on a slip of paper and drop it off in the box on the Questrix's desk. I will collect the names and give out assignments at the end of this week, and host the party the week after. Hope to see you there!


Unfortunately, the wrapped box is no longer on the Questrix's desk. In its place is a drawing of a dodo wearing a smilebringer hat.



Secret Santa time! This year, the event will be IN-CHARACTER. Signups are due SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th and the party will be on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20th @ 6:00 PM UTC/GMT.

Here are the rules:
* You do not have to be a member of the Diablos to participate! Friends of the company are welcome!
* Spending limit of 250k
* Once you have gotten the gift you plan to give, mail it to me and I'll hand them out at the event. This will help me keep track of who's done, and also if someone can't make it due to unforseen circumstances the gifting can still go on.
* If you have trouble figuring out what to give, ask me and I'll pass the message along. Try to keep your wishlists reasonable, please.

- Zorai Naccal
- Izrikairin Rish
- Dyolfen Bloodstone
- Azranahr Stormchaser
- Jiao Stormchaser
- Zealos Hyud
Zorai, having been told about the note placed a slip of paper that instead of having her name, has her thumb print on it in purple ink

[Image: Zorai_Scrap.png]
Zorai Naccal - Cheif/Hearthbearer
Zorai - Amida (Suspicious Stranger) - Qwan (Cryptic Stranger) - A'ckee (Seething Stranger) - Neiri
Having read the note on the front door to the Diablos house, 
Jiao elegantly pens her name on a slip of paper and drops it into the box.

[Image: 24x304n.png]
Assignments have been given out! Fly, my pretties! FLY!!!

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