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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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The Necklace
((Not a Journal per-say but a collection of brief memories from the past, Zanthers' past.))

Artimas stood looking out of his window in his study. Outside stretched the vast capital city of the Allagan Empire. Nearly 4,000 years old, the Empire had been a symbol of power for generations. Artimas, however, could see the writing on the wall and he was not the only one. Still, there were only a few of them and many would not listen to their words, even from someone in his position. The Empire was dying. With the wars going on along the border to the capture of a Primal and the building of the Tower, the Empire was on its last leg of life. Though nothing in his power could change that, he did have an idea. Artimas wanted to see how the world would be after the fall. He didn't know when but would not be in his own lifetime, fitting since this was his last night in this life. He had already set his affairs in order. His eldest son had been informed of some of the details, but Artimas felt others best kept away.

Slowly, he moved to his desk. With just a simple movement of his drawers a wall slide opened. He stepped inside, greeted by two of his most trusted servants. "Good evening master.", they said together. Inside a ritual of sorts had been set up inside. It had taken years of study to learn it, and months to prepare. "Evening, I trust everything is now in place?"

"Yes master, everything is in place. I trust you are finally ready to go through this?", said the male servant. 

"As ready as I ever will be. I trust you two are still willing to do this? I hate for you guys to regret it any.", said Artimas.

"You know we are. We have been with you faithfully since we were all young, we will follow you where ever you go, do whatever is needed to be done.", said the female servant.

"Thank you both then. Shall we begin then?", said Artimas.

The servants gave him a nod. Artimas took a deep breath. This spell, forbidden as it was, was a relic of an age past, well before the empire was formed. Forbidden or not, he was willing to pay its price, even if it meant his soul would never find true rest. He had already placed his memories onto his personal necklace. Currently his eldest had possession of it, with instructions to have it placed in a specific area upon his (the eldest) death. 

Soon, he stepped into the middle of the room. In a tongue not heard much in nearly 5,000 years he started to speak. "Oh Thal, take your humble servant into your realm. Give him the ability to transpose your deaths grasp to be reborn anew. In exchange for his soul, these two willing souls offer themselves to you as a payment, a payment for eternal life. The time between each death shall be no more 250 years. To your servant, forever he shall always pay you homage, no matter what form he may take. Now and forever, I will be yours to claim over and over, greeting you with open arms upon each passing and be released from them to only come back for all eternity." Suddenly the room glowed, the ritual marks on the floor lit up as darkness seeped from them basking the three individuals in a strange dark cloud. Soon everything turned back to normal, with the three people now laying on the floor, their lives taken for the ritual. Thus starting a cycle that would forever continue til Hydaelyn was no more.
282 years ago...

Zozoruna Momoruna stood inside Thals Respite waiting. "Where is he? The young never seem to be on time. One would think you would be on time for your own trial." The old Lalafell had little room for waiting, as time was short. He had been putting this off for too long as it was. Eventually, a young male Elezen walked inside. He bowed to Zozoruna. "Sorry I'm late Sir. I am not familiar with this land and so got a little lost."

Zozoruna sighs, "If you are to do well in this organization it is best to get familiar with all the lands you can. Your trial will be in two parts. The first will be here, helping me with something. Your next part will be in the Shroud."

The Elezen nods. "Understood Warden. Why are we here exactly?"

Zozoruna looks up at the young man, "Mostly to teach you some history, and to show you things are just not as they always appear. Take for instance this Respite. While the cave seems to end at the shrine to Thal, it actually extends further via a hidden passage. Follow."

The pair walked to the end of the cave. "As you can see, the archway here extends from this side to the other, linked in a chain. Now my young one, if you would be so kind as to push in the 5th notch from the bottom on the inner chain?" The Elezen walked over and pushed on the notch. It pressed in and a hidden passage on the arch revealed itself to them. "Now we proceed." Zozo wondered why he had placed it in such a high spot, outside the fact that most Lalafell could not reach it without help. Perhaps that was why. Soon, the reached the end of the hall, where two torches light up revealing a round door with movable pieces.

"I take it you know how to get past his Sir?", said the young man.

"You think I would bring you here if I didn't? Granted not many would get past this door if they didn't know the password so to speak. Around the bird flies, searching for its prey. So does the cat sitting on the ground, hopping the bird does." Look back at it, he had wondered why he made such a silly sounding saying. He attributed it to his young days, all those centuries ago, back when the Belah'dan Empire was still in one piece. "Its an old Belah'dan rhyme, one that would be simply overlooked unless you know its true meaning. This door has three moving pieces, each with various Belah'dan symbols for words." With careful instruction the young Elezen moved each piece into place. When the final piece was moved into its position, the pieces spun around and the door slowly lifted.

"What would of happened had we not gotten those right?", asked the young man.

Zozo laughed, "Well, we wouldn't be standing for long when the area fills in with deadly gass. Let us continue, the path is free from traps."

The two continued onto their path. Soon, they entered a large room. Suddenly 4 Brazier light up the room. Standing in the back, was a large stone table adored with a rather impressive set of jewelry. Standing in the middle was a Shrine image of Thal. "Be careful, if you move any of those jewelry then a rather nasty trap will spring."

"What is this place?", asked the young Elezen.

"This, my young initiate, is a hidden shrine built by the nobles of the Belah'dan Empire to worship Thal, which at the time was frowned upon by the upper levels of the society. The nobles that worshiped here usually came from a more humble begining and worked their way up, similar to Ul'dan society today. However, we are here for another reason besides a history lesson." Zozo pulled out a necklace from his pack and handed it to the Elezen. "Place this around the neck of Thal. Don't worry, the statue itself is not trapped."

The Elezen looked a bit puzzled, but to disobey an order from a Warden was not usually done. He carefully placed the necklace on the statue.

Zozo claps. "Well done, and thus the first part of your trial is done. Shall we head to your next location?"

Zozo breathed a little easier inside. The necklace had been placed. He now only hopped that his next form would be able to find it and figure out how to get to it. The lure of it was the easy part, for it called out without really calling out. With a year left in his life, he was cutting it too close in getting it placed. Granted he didn't always have this luxury of placing it where he wanted to. Now all he had to do was pass on. The rest would be a welcomed one.

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